Sunday, March 31, 2013

Buttercake n Cream Review

Buttercake n Cream is a dessert cafe in Sunset Way.

Blk 106 Clementi St 12
#01-52 Sunset Way Singapore
Tel: +65 6777 3477
Daily: 12:00 noon to 11:00 PM

Buttercake n Cream is a dessert cafe which also has hot food on their menu. Overall, we found that while the desserts were delicious, the quality of the food varied. Perhaps because they were designed for dessert, I also found the table to be too small and the seating too cramped. But I would still recommend this place as good value for money, with quite a nice ambience and quite good food (especially the desserts).

They currently have a special offer of $49.90 for 2 pax, with a selection of starter (soup or salad), main course, dessert and their own homemade fruity soda. So one weekend, my family decided to go check them out.

The shrimp salad was visually attractive and quite delicious. The mushroom soup (not pictured here) was also tasty and freshly made.

We ordered the Aglio Olio bacon off the a la carte menu. I didn't try the it personally, but my 3-year old wolfed down the larger part of an adult portion, so I think it must have been pretty good. He is quite the aglio olio connoisseur. He was definitely more keen on this than the one he ate at Hot Tomato the next day. (Hot Tomato serves his favourite aglio olio, and mine too, but the joint at The Star was quite disappointing. That is another story.)

The teriyaki salmon was a bit overdone and rather chewy.

The beef tenderloin was tender and simply delicious. It compared very favourably with the ribeye I had at The French Stall just the night before. This was definitely the best of the main courses, and highly recommended.

The pork knuckle (for 2) looked really good! Unfortunately, we found that the skin had been fried to a very hard crisp and the meat inside was tough and dry. It was not an enjoyable eating experience.

The highlight of the evening should be the dessert, which was what they specialised in, after all.

The apple crumble with ice cream was great.

They were out of tiramisu, so they gave us some warm chocolate cake instead. This was simply delicious!