Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Day I Spanked an Elephant (A Poison That Kills Tiny Singapore Ants)

There was a soldier in uniform in the camp carpark, doing some funny dance with a big stuffed elephant. No wait, he was spanking the elephant, while doing some funny hopping dance. What a weirdo. Aiyah, too bad I had no camera phone or I would STOMP him.
Yup, that was me, and I shudder to wonder what went though the minds of anyone who saw me. That was the day I opened the door of the car to find, to my horror, that an entire colony of ants was trying to move in, carrying their eggs and everything. Most of them had decided to settle down in Ollie's fur, which is what led to that most embarrassing scene.
Tiny little ants infesting the house (and car) have been the bane of our existence. No matter how clean we keep the place, they come - even if it's just for water. (And it's really hard to keep the home spotless when you have young kids.) Nothing seems to work - we've tried all the ant bait on the store shelves (Combat, Baygon, etc). The two ants in question - the Pharaoh Ant and the Ghost Ant - are probably just too small to pick up the bait; or they're just not interested. And even getting a professional exterminator is only a temporary solution, because they re-appear after a while.

So I was really excited to discover Maxforce Ant Killer Bait Gel. I can't remember now how I first came across it. But I'm going to put it down here for posterity, for everyone. Because this stuff works. After one day, there was a noticeable drop in the number of ants in the usual spots, and in less than a week they were almost completely gone. And there is nothing more satisfying than to watch the mound of gel quickly diminish, unlike other solid baits that sit there untouched.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available in Singapore. But if you hate ants as much as we do, it's definitely worth the international shipping. And don't forget to buy the applicator gun as well!

If anyone else has other suggestions on how to get rid of these annoying ants, do leave a comment below!

Afternote: a more affordable alternative has been found!