Saturday, November 16, 2013

Toys You Don't Want To Buy

If you're shopping for a toy, whether for your own or as a present for a friend, strike any items off the list that match the following criteria.

1. The Space Filler

No matter how fun, space is a premium. Toys like this are much better rented than purchased.

2. Zillions of Itty Bitty Pieces

Parts of the toy will end up all over the house. This includes toys you assemble yourself from multiple parts, which happily disassemble themselves.

3. The Odd Book

Any weird book that doesn't fit into the bookshelf neatly, whether because it is a strange shape or has parts sticking out

4. The Electric Light Orchestra

Anything that allows the child to make a lot of noise, or worse makes a lot of noise on its own.

5. Made in China and Looks the Part

They fall apart very quickly and worse, they are a safety hazard.

I am certainly not trying to say that we should only buy expensive toys. Kids can amuse themselves with the simplest and cheapest of things. But if you see an item that matches one or more of the above descriptions ... think very hard before buying it, especially if it's main selling point is that it is "so cheap"!

I should also caveat that this is from the parent's perspective, because my kids generally like any toy you give them, and worse they even do get genuinely attached to them. But every time we cull through their toys, these are the toys I wish we'd never owned, because they are an eyesore and so difficult to get rid of.

The Ideal Toy

The best toy for boys - Cars - cheap, compact, durable

If you have money to burn - Cars(TM) - and they have eyes too!