Monday, February 3, 2014

Healing: A Pastors Reflections

This book is a balanced and comprehensive treatment on the subject of physical healing written from a Biblical perspective. It seeks to answer some of the most important questions asked by Christians such as the following:
  • Does God heal directly (without means) today?
  • Is sin always the cause of sickness?
  • Is it true that if a sick person has faith, he or she will be healed?
  • Is healing provided for in the atonement?
  • Is it God’s will to heal everybody?
  • What is the relationship between Faith and God’s Sovereignty?
  • Is it true that if unbelievers see healing miracles, they will believe in Jesus?
  • What’s wrong with the prosperity gospel?
It is the prayer and hope of the writer that this book will help the reader gain a better understanding of the subject of physical healing.

About the Author
Rev. Dr. Wan Chee Wan is passionate about God's Word and God's Mission.

He has been serving as a pastor in Singapore for more than thirty years. He is the founding pastor of Community for Christ Church. His greatest joy is to expound the Word of God and to challenge the hearers to put God's Word into practise. He has visited and taught in India, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Education: Diploma in Theology (Discipleship Training Centre, Singapore, 1981), Master in Divinity (Trinity Theological College, Singapore, 1985), Doctor of Minister in Global Ministries (School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA, 2004).

This is not a book review. The author is my father and I am helping him put information about the book online where it can be found by people searching for such information. The book is currently available as a Kindle book. A limited number of private print copies are also available and you may contact me if you are interested. If anyone would like to review the book, please let me know so I can link to you as well.