Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In Memory of the Heroes of MH370

With the latest Inmarsat calculations, we finally have some closure to the location of MH370, and the MAS has declared that “we have to assume beyond reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived”. The question that remains, though, is how the plane found its way to the Southern Indian Ocean. And we will probably not know for sure, unless we can find the black box before it stops pinging.

While my wife and others helped search for the plane in satellite photos, I preferred to focus my mind on what could have happened to the plane, based on all the available evidence (see image below). This is the theory I first posted on Quora two weeks ago, and since them some of my guesses have been confirmed by the latest satellite findings. So I've decided to share it further.
MH 370 was hijacked (possibly by at least one its pilots). This is strongly suggested by the change in course and the disabling of communications systems. It is also a fact there were Iranians on board with false passports, and merely Interpol's analysis that they were there by coincidence. And let's not forget the possibility of self-radicalised terrorists which are almost impossible to detect. Many others have also concluded hijack, so I won't waste time elaborating further. Let's go beyond that. 
The crew or passengers realised something was amiss and fought back, similar to United Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11. In this case however, once the struggle concluded, there was no one left on board who could fly the plane. During the struggle, the plane had shifted course due south, but its flight stabilised on autopilot. With no one to alter the course, it continued over the ocean (away from radars and cellphone reception) until it ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea. 
If the hijack was successful, the hijackers would have used it immediately for other ends (possibly a 9/11 scenario) while the world was still confused. The window of opportunity has passed now. But why no terrorist group has claimed responsibility, since it is still a partially successful hijack? Perhaps this was just one part of a larger plan, and rather than alerting the world to their identity, they are going to lay low until there is a chance to try again.
I didn't bother sharing this earlier because apart from being an intellectual puzzle, I didn't see how it could help in the search for the plane. But then I thought, perhaps it does serve a purpose. I do believe this is a plausible theory and until proven otherwise, I would like to think of the passengers of MH370 as heroes rather than victims. I'm sure their families would too.

The USS Somerset was named in honour of the heroes of United Flight 93 which crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania on 9/11. Much better heroes to name a ship after, than KRI Usman Harun. Source: Wikipedia