Friday, June 20, 2014

Car-culator v2.0 for Web and Mobile: Annual Cost of a Car for the Budget-Conscious Buyer

Understanding car costs in Singapore can be horribly complicated. You compare two different types of cars with the same list price, but the OMV, COE and insurance costs are worlds apart. Which car is actually more expensive to own for X number of years, until you sell or scrap it?

A year ago, I wrote Car-culator v1.0 as an Android App to help buyers quickly identify the cars that offered the best value for money. Since then, users of the app have climbed steadily, and I also received many requests from iPhone users.

So I am happy to announce the development of Car-culator v2.0 which has been rebuilt in PHP, and can be accessed from any PC or mobile device.

This app is still under development. It can already do more than the Android App, and there are many more features I intend to include. However, due to my other commitments, this will take some time. So I have started this page for users to report bugs and suggest features.

Basically, you fill in the details and it will tell you how much the car would cost you on an annual basis, factoring in the PARF and COE rebate when you decide to sell/scrap it, as well as the road tax. It is most useful if you plan to use the car till the end of its life, because it does not factor in resale value above the PARF/COE rebate if you sell it mid-way.

The calculations are based on the LTA Tax Structure, updated in Feb 2013. It is currently undergoing beta testing. More details on how to use the app can be found here.

Comments/Feedback/Suggestions are welcome! I may not reply immediately because I am in the process of relocating.