Saturday, November 29, 2014

Announcing CarIQ
CarIQ is the all-in-one solution for buyers of used cars in Singapore. Whether you are looking for an almost-new BMW, a value-for-money Mercedes or the most budget Toyota or Hyundai, CarIQ tools will help you manage the car search and find the best bang for the buck.

Find the Best Cars!
CarIQ builds on the popular Car-culator app to figure out the complicated depreciation and paper value calculations to help you quickly determine the annual cost of that car you are eying. This is key to figuring out which car is the best deal, and which car you can really afford (more on this here).

With Just a Copy and Paste
Previous versions of the Car-culator app required you to key in the OMV, COE, etc. This is essential data, but it was tedious to key it in yourself. Now you can just copy and paste a URL from either OneShift or SGCarMart, the two top online listings of used cars.

Add it to Your List
What do you do when you find a promising car? Print it out? Bookmark it? Now you can just add it to the CarIQ shortlist for easy side-by-side comparison! And you can add cars from both OneShift and SGCarMart to the same list. Planning which dealers to visit first? At a glance the shortlist can tell you which cars are close to each other.

Take It With You
And you can easily access your shortlist of cars on the go from any mobile browser. In fact, the app works the same whether on laptop or the phone.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Copy and Paste the URL from a car listing. Click Import Data.

Step 2: Car information is automatically captured from the listing. You may wish to edit the Purchase Date, Expected Dereg Date and the Car Condition. Click Submit.

Alternatively, if you are entering the data manually for a quick calculation, you only need to fill in the fields in black.

Step 3: CarIQ will work out the rebates and road tax, and give you the annual cost of owning this car until your expected deregistration date.

Step 4: Add it to your list for convenient comparisons. Pictured below, a comparison of several BMW 318i with differing annual costs.

Happy shopping!